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Fitone Studio personal trainingMy name is Denise Fraser and I own and operate Fitzone Personal Training Studio, located on 1215 21st St.,  in Midtown Sacramento.

I believe  that everyone wants to look and feel their best.  It’s just hard to schedule with work, kids, and everything else in our busy lives.  But a great place to start when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle is to implement regular exercise. Let me help you put a plan of action together. I know how important it is to assess each clients’ training needs and personalize each and every session so you won’t waste time on ineffective exercise routines. Your workout session will be designed to help you quickly and safely reach your goal.

I have spent over 12 years in the health and fitness industry training  clients of all fitness levels.  As a personal trainer, it is my job to provide the support, knowledge and motivation to put objectives into motion.  It’s your job to put your best foot forward and step in to the zone.


American Council on Exercise – ACE -Personal Trainer
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America – AFFA- Personal Trainer
American and Fitness Association of America – Group Fitness Instructor
Polestar Pilates- Mat I & II Certification
Polestar Pilates- Allegro Reformer Group Certification
Polestar Pilates-Allegro Reformer One on One for Personal Trainer
Reebok Step Certification Program
Reebok Spinning Certification Program
Reebok Walking Certification Program
Reebok Slide Certification Program
Kick boxing Certification Program
C.P.R. Certification

C.E.Cs (Continuing Education Classes) countless hours of lectures and classes to stay on the cutting-edge for personal training.

Core Training | BOSO Training | Balance Training | Foam Roller Training | Stability Training | Heartzone Training

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